Roberto Sierra: Piano Works

This generous collection of Roberto Sierra’s piano music ranges from the Estudios rítmicos y sonoros – a collection of Etudes that is one of the most colorful, imaginative, and demanding from the contemporary repertoire – to an Album for the Young in the tradition of Schumann and Tchaikovsky. Between these two contrasting worlds we find the haunting Piezas Líricas, a unique musical journey that breaks the structure of musical time into an imaginative mosaic structure.

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“Instant classics – they should be the next set of studies to be surmounted by serious pianists. … [Bengtson’s] peerless technique and pianism are exactly what the devilishly difficult studies need to be effective.”
(Nathan Faro, American Record Guide)


“[Bengtson’s advocacy] is the best thing that can happen to the works on this CD. On a scale of one to ten I would give it an eleven.”
(Miguel Angel Perez Martin, “Doce Notas”)


“We are here to recommend what this album deserves for its quality, its freshness, and its prestige: Gold.”
(Antonio Soria, in Melómano, La Revista de Música Clásica)


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